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Swap-free accounts that comply with the laws of Sharia!

Customer care is the main mission of 365GCC.

We understand the need for Muslim investors to have access to global financial markets. At the same time, our special terms and conditions make trade completely Halal.

We offer special Islamic accounts that will help Muslim traders to trade Forex without violating Islamic law. In this regard, we offer Swap-Free accounts with special rules.


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Bonus on first time deposit

Swap is the difference between the rates of two currencies, which is charged or withdrawn from the amount of an open position when it is held for more than one day.

According to the Shari’ah law, giving and taking any funds at interest is prohibited. In order to conduct permissible trade, an account in 365GCC does not contain swap fees and commissions on turnover.

In the stock market, we have selected the securities of those companies that are engaged in the halal business. First of all, these are companies from the sphere of production, transport, energy and services.

Why 365GCC

365GCC provides the maximum speed of order execution, which allows you to take a leading position among brokers for short-term trading.

Our online trading platforms operate 24 hours a day and allow you to choose from a wide range of instruments in the foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets.

Among the advantages of 365GCC:

  • The absence of swaps while maintaining all trading conditions of accounts;
  • The absence of fees when transferring positions regardless of the volume of transactions;
  • Professional financial advice and personal service;
  • Attractive trading terms and conditions;
  • Daily professional market analysis and exclusive trading signals;
  • Clients can track the trading process of the most experienced traders.